General Overview

In accordance with the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the State of Alaska, and local health organizations the Fairbanks Paddlers Club guidelines for safe paddling and events reflect our commitment to safe paddling, public health, and community well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paddling can be risky so the Fairbanks Paddlers Club recommends that all paddlers in rural or remote areas paddle below their or their group’s ability level because scarce healthcare resources should not be tied up with rescue or emergency services. Paddle smart, paddle safe.

Support local business where appropriate, they are suffering economically.

A key aspect of public health is that Covid-19 can be transmitted by subjects that have not developed symptoms, so the Fairbanks Paddlers has adopted a Covid-19 risk management policy based on the guidelines from the American Canoe Association, the American Packraft Association, and the State of Alaska Covid-19 Health Mandates. We encourage all paddlers to follow these or similar policies when paddling during this pandemic.

Fairbanks Paddlers’ Covid-19 Risk Management Plan

The Fairbanks Paddlers’ Covid-19 Risk Management Plan must be understood and agreed upon by all participants at Club events.


  1. No one exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms is allowed to participate.
  2. Anyone with a fever cannot participate for 72 hours following a return to normal temperature.

Social Distancing

  1. Social distancing of 6 feet (good) or 10 feet (better) should be maintained both on land and on water (pay particular attention at put-ins and take-outs; loading and unloading craft; no rafting up on the water).
  2. Face masks are encouraged and required at put-ins and take-outs, and if ever non-household groups are in close proximity (less than six feet).
  3. Paddlers should avoid popular places and times in order to more effectively social distance. If you know there are likely to be other users, try to pick a different time or place to paddle.


  1. Hand washing facilities, equipment, and opportunities should be available for all participants (plenty of soap and water, wash for 20 seconds).
  2. Hand sanitizer must be available.
  3. Sanitizing wipes or disinfectant sprays must be available.
  4. Any common equipment must be regularly sanitized.
  5. Upon returning home all participants should wash their hands (full bathing is encouraged) and wash their clothes before wearing them again.
  6. If public restrooms are open only one person at a time should use them. If public restrooms are not available each individual is responsible for a “bathroom bag” (i.e. trowel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, zip lock bags at a minimum). A “bathroom bag” is not the responsibility of the Fairbanks Paddlers Club.

Group Size

Limited to ten (10) participants at this time (April 30, 2020).


  1. Tent sites must be 25 feet apart from non-household members.
  2. Common areas (i.e. campfires, cooking areas) should be used with appropriate social distancing or at different times.
  3. No sharing of food or drink.


  1. Household members can travel in a vehicle together. No carpooling or running shuttles with non-household members. Use bicycle shuttles where appropriate.
  2. Plan your trips to avoid unnecessary visits to other communities in order to minimize cross contamination. Pack all your food, gear, water, snacks, and fill up with gas before you leave your own community.
  3. When traveling, minimize stops and avoid crowded places. Only one person in the group should deal with any vendors and should wear a face mask when doing so. Wash or sanitize hands before exiting and after returning to the vehicle.

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