Most of the rivers in the  table below are in the Alaska Rivers section of the American Whitewater Rivers Info database. We plan to add links to river level data for Alaska Rivers from the USGS and the Alaska River Forecast Center to the table.  This national whitewater inventory is a great resource, and includes descriptions and water level information for many of the river sections.  A number of runs are not yet listed in this database. We hope to update the list with additional runs of interest to Alaskan paddlers.

Fairbanks Paddlers’ hopes to eventually add our database of  Alaskan Rivers that includes many of the flatwater trips around the state.

Whitewater River List

RegionRiver Name/SectionClassUSGS DataARFC DataTrip Links
ArcticAlatna [AK] through Gates of the Arctic National ParkI(II)***
SEAlsek [AK] Haines Junction to Dry BayIII+(V+)***
WesternAniakchak [AK] Surprise Lake to Aniakchak BayI-IV***
SouthcentralArchangel Creek [AK] Fairangel Creek Confluence to the Little Su ConfluenceV***
ArcticAtigun/Sagavanirktok [AK] Dalton Hwy Bridge to Slope Mt. Road CampIII-IV***
SouthcentralBird Creek [AK] 5 miles upstream to Turnagain ArmV+***
Copper/WrangellsBremner [AK] to Copper RiverI-III+***
SouthcentralBrowns Creek [AK] Browns Creek CanyonIII***
Alaska RangeBrushkana Creek [AK] Denali Hwy to Nenana RiverII+***
SouthcentralCampbell Creek [AK] South Fork Gorge (Prospect Heights to Hilltop Ski Area)V***
SouthcentralCanyon Creek [AK] Seward Highwy at outlet of Lower Summit Lake to Seward Hwy a...IV***
SouthcentralCaribou Creek [AK] Squaw Creek to Glenn Highway BridgeV***
SouthcentralCarlson Creek [AK] Lower Canyon to TidewaterII-III(IV)***
SouthcentralChakachatna [AK] Chakachamna Lake to Cook InletV+***
Copper/WrangellsChakina [AK] Gravel bar to Chitina RiverV***
ArcticCharley [AK] Upper river gravel bar to Yukon River to CircleIII***
Copper/WrangellsCheshnina [AK] Lower Tonsina to Copper River BridgeIII+***
Copper/WrangellsChetaslina [AK] Chichokna River to Copper RiverV+***
SouthcentralChickaloon [AK] 30 Mile Airstrip to MatanuskaIII***
WesternChilikadrotna [AK] Twin Lakes (Lake Clark Nat.Park & Preserve) to points along ...I-III***
Copper/WrangellsChistochina [AK] Chistochina Glacier to Copper RiverI-II***
Copper/WrangellsChitina [AK] Nizina River to ChitinaII***
Copper/WrangellsChitistone [AK] Glacier Creek to Nizina RiverII-III***
SouthcentralChulitna [AK] East Fork to TalkeetnaII***
SouthcentralCoal Creek [AK] Glacier to Matanuska RiverIV***
ArcticColville [AK] Thunder Creek to Harrison BayI-II***
SouthcentralCopper (Iliamna) [AK] Lower or Upper Copper Lake to Lower Pike Lake or Intricate B...III-IV***
SouthcentralCopper [AK] 1. Copper Glacier to Gulkana R.II***
SouthcentralCopper [AK] 2. Gulkana R. to Chitina R.II***
SouthcentralCopper [AK] 3. Chitina R. to Gulf of AlaskaII***
SouthcentralDadina [AK] Bush strip to Copper RiverIII-IV(V+)***
Alaska RangeDelta [AK] 1. Denali Hwy at Tangle Lakes to MP 212.5 Richardson Hwy bet...I-III***
Alaska RangeDelta [AK] 2. Suzy Q Creek to Donnelly Creek CampgroundII-IV***
SouthcentralDrop Creek [AK] Upper gravel bar to Copper RiverII***
SEEagle (Juneau) [AK] Lake to Veterans Memorial HighwayII(III)***
SouthcentralEagle [AK] 1. Echo Bend to Rapids CampIV***
SouthcentralEagle [AK] 2. UpperI***
SouthcentralEagle [AK] 3. Bridge to BridgeII(III)***
SouthcentralEagle [AK] 4. Lower: Military StretchII-III***
ArcticFirth [AK] Margaret Lake to Beaufort SeaIII-IV***
SEFish Creek [AK] Eaglecrest Road to N. Douglas Hwy.II-V(V+)***
InteriorFortymile [AK] Taylor Hwy Fortymile Bridge to Yukon River (Eagle)II(III)***
InteriorFortymile, Middle Fork and North Fork [AK] Joseph Airstrip to Taylor Hwy Fortymile BridgeII(III)***
InteriorFortymile, South Fork [AK] West Fork of Dennison Fork to Taylor Hwy Fortymile BridgeII(III)***
SouthcentralGakona [AK] Gakona Glacier to Copper RiverIII***
SouthcentralGilahina [AK] McCarthy Road (mi. 28) to Chitina RiverIII***
SouthcentralGlacier (Sheridan River) [AK] Sheridan Glacier to Copper River HighwayIII***
SEGold Creek [AK] Basin Road Bridge into Cope ParkIII-V(V+)***
SouthcentralGranite Creek [AK] 2600-foot level to Glenn HighwayIV-V+***
SouthcentralGravel Creek [AK] Gravel Creek Glacier to Matanuska RiverIV+***
Alaska RangeGulkana [AK] 1. Summit Lake to Paxson LakeIII***
SouthcentralGulkana [AK] 2. Paxson Lake to Sourdough CampgroundII-III***
SouthcentralHappy [AK] Near Sheep Lake to Skwentna RiverIII+***
SouthcentralHicks Creek [AK] Hicks Lake to Matanuska RiverV+***
ArcticHulahula [AK] Grasser's Airstrip to Arey Island (Arctic Ocean)III***
SouthcentralJacksina [AK] Upper river to Nabesna RiverIV***
Alaska RangeJarvis Creek [AK] Trail above McCumber Creek to Trail below Ober CreekIV-V***
SouthcentralKenai [AK] Kenai Lake (Sterling Highway) to Skilak LakeII-III***
SouthcentralKennicott [AK] McCarthy Road to Nizina RiverII+***
SouthcentralKern Creek [AK] 600' Elevation to Turnigan ArmV***
SouthcentralKiagna [AK] Gravel bar to Chitina RiverV+***
WesternKijik [AK] Lachbuna to Lake ClarkV***
ArcticKillik [AK] Lakes in upper river to Umiat or Colville RiverII-III***
SouthcentralKings [AK] Upper Kings to Glenn HighwayV+***
WesternKisaralik [AK] Kisaralik Lake to confluence with Kuskokwim RiverII-III***
Copper/WrangellsKlutina [AK] Klutina Lake to Richardson Highway Bridge at Copper CenterIII***
ArcticKongakut [AK] Mountains to Arctic OceanII-III***
Copper/WrangellsKotsina [AK] Upper Kotsina to Copper River (including lower canyon gorge)V+***
Copper/WrangellsKuskulana [AK] 1. Nugget Creek to McCarthy RoadIV+***
Copper/WrangellsKuskulana [AK] 2. McCarthy Rd. Bridge to Chitina RiverIII***
SouthcentralLake Creek [AK] Chelatna Lake to Yentna RiverIII+***
Copper/WrangellsLakina [AK] 1. Mill Creek to McCarthy Road BridgeIII-IV***
Copper/WrangellsLakina [AK] 2. McCarthy Road Bridge to Chitina RiverIII+***
SELawson Creek [AK] Treadwell Ditch to Salt WaterII(V+)***
SELemon Creek [AK] Upper Quarry to CostcoIII-IV+***
Copper/WrangellsLittle Nelchina [AK] Little Nelchina Br. on Glenn Highway to Tazlina LakeII-III***
SouthcentralLittle Susitna [AK] 1. UpperIV+***
SouthcentralLittle Susitna [AK] 2. Mother Lode Cookhouse & Saloon to Shrock Road BridgeIV-V***
SouthcentralLowe [AK] 1. Heiden CanyonV***
SouthcentralLowe [AK] 2. Keystone CanyonIII***
SouthcentralLowe [AK] 3. Below Keystone CanyonII***
SouthcentralMatanuska [AK] 1. Lions HeadIII+***
SouthcentralMatanuska [AK] 2. Glacier Park Bridge to PalmerII+***
SouthcentralMatanuska, East Fork and Main Stem [AK] near Hunter Lake to Caribou CreekII+***
Copper/WrangellsMcCarthy Creek [AK] near Bonanza Ridge to McCarthyIII+(V+)***
SEMendenhall [AK] Mendenhall Lake to Riverside DriveII(III)***
SouthcentralMineral Creek [AK] 1. Mineral Creek Road to Lower Canyon putinV***
SouthcentralMineral Creek [AK] 2. Upper Canyon takeout to coastII+***
SEMontana Creek [AK] McGuinness Creek to Mendenhall RiverII-III+***
SouthcentralMoose Creek [AK] Buffalo Mine Rd. to Glenn Hwy.III+***
Copper/WrangellsNabesna [AK] Nabesna Glacier to Northway Indian VillageII***
Copper/WrangellsNadina [AK] Nadina Glacier to Copper RiverV+***
SouthcentralNellie Juan [AK] Nellie Juan Lake to Kings Bay (Prince William Sound)V***
Alaska RangeNenana [AK] 1. Carlo Creek to McKinley VillageII-III***
Alaska RangeNenana [AK] 2. McKinley Village to Riley CreekIII***
Alaska RangeNenana [AK] 3. Riley Creek to Twin RocksIII+***
Alaska RangeNenana [AK] 4. Twin Rocks to Healy (Nenana Canyon)III-IV***
InteriorNenana [AK] 5. Healy to Rex BridgeII***
WesternNewhalen [AK] Upper landing on Iliamna-Nondalton Road to NewhalenIV-V***
ArcticNigu [AK] Gates of the Arctic National ParkI-II***
Copper/WrangellsNizina [AK] 1. Nizina Glacier to Kennicott RiverII+***
Copper/WrangellsNizina [AK] 2. Kennicott River to Chitna RiverII-III***
ArcticNoatak [AK] Twelvemile Creek to Noatak VillageI(II)***
SEPeterson Creek [AK] Meadows to FallsIII+(V+)***
SouthcentralPortage [AK] Portage Lake to Turnagain ArmI***
SEPower Creek [AK] Feeding Eyak Lake near CordovaIV-V***
SouthcentralReeds Creek [AK] Good Hope Creek Confluence to Reed Lakes TrailheadV***
Alaska RangeRiley Creek [AK] Tripple Lakes Trail to Nenana RiverIII***
SESalmon Creek [AK] Bridge to BakeII-V***
Alaska RangeSanctuary [AK] Denali Road to Teklanika RiverV+***
Copper/WrangellsSanford [AK] Upper gravel bar to Copper RiverII***
Alaska RangeSavage [AK] Denali Park Road Bridge to Stampede RoadV***
ArcticSheenjek [AK] Last Lake to Fort YukonI-II***
SouthcentralSheep [AK] Near Glacier to Talkeetna RiverIV(V+)***
SouthcentralSheep Creek [AK] near small lake at 2757 ft to Parks HighwayIII***
SouthcentralShip Creek [AK] Artic Vally Rd. put-in to bridgeIV***
SouthcentralSixmile (& E. Fork Sixmile) [AK] Seward Hwy along E. Fork of Six Mile to SunshineVSixMile near Hope**
SouthcentralSkwentna [AK] Twin Glaciers to SkwentnaIII+***
SEStikine [AK] Cassiar Hwy. Bridge to Telegraph Creek (Grand Canyon)V+***
SouthcentralSusitna [AK] Denali Hwy Bridge to Gold-Creek Alaska RR Bridge or Talkeetn...III-V+***
SouthcentralTalkeetna [AK] Stephan Lake to Susitna River at Talkeetna VillageIII-IV***
Copper/WrangellsTana [AK] Gravel Bar to Chitina RiverIV***
Copper/WrangellsTasnuna [AK] Upper gravel bar to Copper riverII+***
SETatshenshini [AK] 2. Dalton Post to Alsek (Dry Bay)III***
Copper/WrangellsTazlina [AK] Tazlina Lake to Copper RiverII+(III)***
Alaska RangeTeklanika [AK] Teklanika Campground to Stampede Rd. (Savage River)V***
SouthcentralTiekel [AK] 1. Richardson Highway to just above the CanyonII***
Copper/WrangellsTiekel [AK] 2. Stuart Creek at Richardson Highway to Copper River or Cor...V+***
Copper/WrangellsTonsina [AK] 1. Tonsina Glacier to Tonsina LakeV+***
Copper/WrangellsTonsina [AK] 2. Richardson Highway Xing to Lower Tonsina on Edgerton cut-...III-IV***
Copper/WrangellsTsaina [AK] 1. Tsina Glacier to Tsina Lodge on Richardson HighwayIII+***
Copper/WrangellsTsaina [AK] 2. Tsina Roadhouse on Richardson Hwy to Richardson Hwy below...V***
Copper/WrangellsTsaina [AK] 3. Richardson Highway to just above Stuart CreekIII+***
SouthcentralTwentymile [AK] Carmen Lake to Turnagain ArmI***
SouthcentralValdez Glacier Stream [AK] Valdez Glacier to Richardson HighwayII***
SouthcentralWillow Creek [AK] 1. near Hatcher Pass to lower Willow Creek put-inV+***
SouthcentralWillow Creek [AK] 2. Guardrail to ShirleytownIII-IV***
SEWindy / Rocky [AK] 3 miles above Windy/Rocky confluence to tidewaterIV***
SouthcentralWolverine Creek [AK] Upper River to Matanuska RiverV***
SouthcentralWortmann's Creek [AK] Upper River to Lowe RiverII-III***

Popular Interior Flatwater Trips:

  • Birch Creek (Note brief class III rapids at Wolf Creek!)
  • Chatanika River
  • Chena River
  • Delta Clearwater
  • Delta – Tangle Lakes to Richardson (Note portage around waterfall, adjacent Class II-III)
  • Koyukuk River
  • Nenana – Reindeer Hills Section
  • Tanana
  • Yukon

Popular Fly-In Trips

  • Charley River (Class II, III, and IV)
  • Colville (Class I)
  • Fortymile (Middle Fork)
  • Happy River (Class III)
  • Hulahula River (Class III)
  • John River (Class I, II, III)
  • Kobuk (Class III and IV canyons near Walker Lake,Class I and II,)
  • Lake Creek (Class II, III)
  • Noatak(Class I and II)
  • Nowitna River (Class I and II)
  • Porcupine River (Class I)
  • Sheenjek River (Class I and II)
  • Talkeetna (Class IV)
  • Newhalen (Class III, IV)

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