Fairbanks Paddlers hosts the third and final event in our Spring Slideshow series at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 3 at the Blue Loon.

The Charley River

Ron Davis and John Morack will present a program of two trips down the Charley River in the early 1980’s when you had to walk in fifteen miles to get there!

The Charley River originates in the Yukon-Tanana uplands and flows northward about 108 miles to the Yukon River. The river flows through three distinct topographic regions – open upland valley, entrenched river, and open floodplain – offering varied, sometimes spectacular scenery as well as unspoiled wilderness. The upland valleys drain a rugged mountain area where peaks over 6,000 feet are common. The river passes beneath high bluffs and cliffs where the majority of the rapids occur. When the river leaves the high bluff area, it enters the flat plain of the Yukon Valley where it slowly meanders to the Yukon River. ( “Floating the Charley River” – NPS Yukon-Charley Rivers Preserve website )

Come early and enjoy food, beverages, and camaraderie.  Meet up with friends and start planning your own summer river adventures. The public is welcome. Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help cover the cost of the venue. Those under 21 must be accompanied by parents or guardians as required by Blue Loon policies.

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