Thanks to everyone who came out Wednesday evening (May 24) to clean up the Chena River through town. A small but enthusiastic crowd of nine people pulled 100 pounds of trash out of the willows, alders and chokecherries on the riverbanks between Graehl Landing and Pioneer Park. We found the usual assortment of bottles and plastics, but also a large “no parking” sign, several classic pre-aluminum Doctor Pepper cans, and a chunk of lead (for making sinkers?, bullets?).

Sam Friedman has a nice write-up in today’s News-Miner. The cleanup has been duly reported to American Rivers, which has been sponsoring river cleanups throughout the country and keeping track of the results. We are also recognized by the Tanana Valley Watershed Association for our commitment to keeping the banks of the Chena River

Sam and Chris at 2017 cleanup

cleaned up.

7/9 of the crew at the Chena River Cleanup 2017

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