Don Pendergrast is coordinating a float on upper Piledriver Slough Thursday night, July 21, 2022.

Participants should meet at 6:00 PM at the crossing of Eielson Farm Road over Piledriver Slough. This will be the take out point. We can then set the shuttle, leaving as many cars as possible at the take out (Eielson Farm Road) and shuttling people, boats, and gear to the put in upstream.

Description of the put in: As we drive east on the Richardson Hwy with Eielson AFB on the left, you’ll see a very large hanger with a red roof. As you pass that hanger look for a gravel road on the right and take that road. Shortly you’ll come to a cross road, go left and you’ll quickly be driving along a lake on your left. Halfway down the lake is a road on the right, go right, and that road will take you to the slough. Stop, unload and get ready for the evening’s float.

But remember we’ll all meet at 6:00 PM at the take out (Eielson Farm Road and Piledriver Slough). We’ll have our canoe trailer and can carry several boats and gear and two or three passengers (if they are N95 masked).

This float will take a couple of hours, I suggest bringing a picnic dinner to eat as we float. You may want to bring something to share with others, but I don’t think given the length of the float and the 30 mile drive we will have time to barbecue after the float, and I don’t intended to bring the grill.

Here are some photos to help you find the put in and take out points. Please call, text (907-371-4868) or email ( Don if you plan on joining the group so he has an idea of who and how many are planning on attending.