The board met on Earth Day, April 22, 2020, to discuss our plans for the boating season. In a normal year we would be doing a club float on the Delta Clearwater this weekend. But we concluded that we can’t do that in compliance with the state’s various COVID 19 health mandates.  Setting vehicle shuttles will be difficult given the 6′ social distancing requirement. And the restrictions on travel between communities, and gathering in groups of more than 10 people, are also issues.    As long as these rules remain in place, the club will be adjusting its summer plans to remain in compliance.
Of course there is nothing to prevent private float trips, and we have confirmed that Clearwater Lake is open, although the dirt road into it may still be wet.  The 2019 Delta Clearwater trip description may prove helpful to those of you who aren’t already familiar with it.
You can also download the Delta Clearwater River Float Guide from State Parks
We are planning to send out some suggestions about how to keep boating safely during this pandemic.  We will also assemble a list of trips one could do using a bicycle shuttle rather than a vehicle.  And incidentally, the Delta Clearwater itself is one such trip, about a 9 mile ride.  Hopefully later this season the club will be able to organize some kinds of boating events, on local lakes at the very least, and the board will continue to explore those opportunities.  If you have ideas about things the club could do, please let anyone on the board know.
The current board members are listed on the Contacts page.
Obviously this is a challenging time for all of us in many ways, so let’s think creatively about how to still enjoy our many paddling opportunities without jeopardizing our health, or the health of our friends and fellow paddlers.  Thanks.
Cam Leonard – President

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