Monica Morin will be delivering a FREE Packrafting Awareness presentation at Beaver Sports on Monday, June 12, 2017 at 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  The session is to help prepare packrafting enthusiasts for this upcoming season. Mimicking Avalanche Awareness education, this hour and a half talk is an introduction to what you need to know prior to getting on the water.

The purpose of this presentation is to help packrafters choose appropriate rivers for their skill levels. Monica will explore how packrafting has evolved, and why it is growing so rapidly in popularity, especially among Alaskan adventurers. She will focus on trip preparation and planning, including packrafting-specific safety equipment, packing tips, choosing trip partners, and selecting routes and rivers best suited to group skills and experience. Discover how factors such as river gradient, water level, weather conditions, remoteness,  river features, and other available information can help evaluate risk potential for a particular trip.  Monica will also share case studies, and discuss opportunities and resources for additional safety and skill development.

Monica MorinMany new packrafters come to the sport from a background of backpacking or adventure racing.  They often run rivers in these ultralight, stable, and highly maneuverable craft that they would not have the skills to attempt in a kayak or canoe.  With limited skills in reading water,  hazard assessment, and ability to take advantage of river features to maneuver or scout, new packrafters can easily get into situations they are unprepared to handle.  Becoming more aware of safety and skills developed in the whitewater boating community and among river professionals can help packrafters progress safely as they explore new rivers.  Avalanche awareness training has helped many Alaskan backcountry travelers minimize dangerous situations in their winter playgrounds. Monica hopes that this introduction to packraft awareness can help the packrafting community in similar ways.

Monica Morin is an avid Alaskan wilderness adventurer currently living the Denali area.  She began her whitewater career as a raft guide out east.  She now enjoys combining her love for the rivers with her love for the mountains and endless exploration.  She is also involved with the newly formed Safety Committee of the American Packraft Association.

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