Bruce Campbell is coordinating a Fairbanks Paddlers trip on the Lower Gulkana River, Wednesday July 7th, Thursday July 8th, and Friday, July 9th, 2021.

If you wish to know more or to participate, please reply directly to Bruce Campbell by emailing him at:

The Gulkana is a class 1, 2 river that is as warm as we get, mostly clear, and occasionally laden with fishermen. The lower section does not include the “Class III” canyon drop. This section does have great, avoidable, boulder-holes, of benefit to beginning whitewater paddlers who can use them to develop their attainment and retentive skills. The river is suitable for kayak, canoe, raft or packraft and Paddlers of modest skill levels. Kids and teens encouraged.

The plan is to depart Fairbanks 7 am on Wednesday the 7th of July. Drive ~6 hours to Sourdough Campground on the Richardson Highway. Drop boaters and gear at Sourdough then shuttle cars to the takeout. Those at Sourdough put-in will pump up the large raft, packrafts, etc. With a goal of being on the river by 3 pm. We will have a short 2 hour paddle, set camp and cook dinner.

Thursday is a modest paddle with the intent of camping before Sailors Pit.

Friday is a short morning on the river and a long drive home.

We hope to miss most of the July 4th crowd.

Bruce will plan and coordinate the meals. Please tell Bruce if there is something you want to bring and cook as part of the group meals, which is not required. Two dinners via Dutch oven, two breakfasts (likely one a D/U omelet and another pancakes and bacon), and everyone brings their own lunches and snacks (yes, we’ll build a fire for hotdogs).

Party includes one paddle raft that can carry the Dutch ovens.

Others attending at this time include: VeraAnn, Shirley Liss, and Brad Snow.

If you wish to know more or to participate, let Bruce Campbell know by calling him at 907-322-9221 or emailing him at:

Fairbanks Paddlers membership ($10) and American Canoe Assn membership ($10/trip or $40 annual) are required to participate. Bruce will bring forms if needed. Bring your ACA number for the insurance form if you join online (it’s easy).